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Intex Unicorn Inflatable Ride-On Pool Float, 79″ X 55″ X 38″

1,390.00 (Including taxes)

Intex Aquarium Pool (60″x22″)

2,149.00 (Including taxes)

Intex Mandarine Swim Center Pool (90″x60″x19″)

2,149.00 (Including taxes)

Intex Gator Play Center Inflatable Pool (79″x67″x33″, Electric Pump)

4,949.00 (Including taxes)

Intex 8ft X 18inch Snapset Pool for Kids

2,149.00 (Including taxes)

Intex 6 Feet Round Kiddie Pool (Blue)

1,349.00 (Including taxes)

Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Pool (90″x90″x26″)

3,590.00 (Including taxes)

INTEX Inflatable Snapset Pool (6-feet)

1,349.00 (Including taxes)

Intex 4 Feet Swimming Pool for Kids (No Need for an Air Pump)

699.00 (Including taxes)

Intex Whale Spray Pool (201x196x91cm)

2,390.00 (Including taxes)

Best Kids Telescope 2024: 90X Zoom, Tripod, Learning Resources

2,449.00 (Including taxes)

Long Distance Kids Walkie Talkie

2,749.00 (Including taxes)

Marvel Spiderman Theme Jumbo Size Pretend Play Tent House

840.00 (Including taxes)

Peppa Pig Theme Play Tent House

840.00 (Including taxes)

Frozen Theme Play House Tent

840.00 (Including taxes)

Bounce Back Boxing Set

1,590.00 (Including taxes)

Disney Frozen 2 Theme Activity Ball Pool with Multicolor Balls (50balls)

1,349.00 (Including taxes)

Peppa Pig Cartoon Theme Activity Ball Pool With 50 Balls

1,349.00 (Including taxes)

Click And Catch Dual Ball Launcher Game

149.00 (Including taxes)

UFO Flying Soccer Ball For Outdoor Kids Activity

349.00 (Including taxes)

Buy Sport Toys for Kids Online with Shopbefikar

Get your kids moving and having fun with educational sports & outdoor play toys!

Are your kids spending too much time indoors, glued to screens, and missing out on the joy of outdoor play? It's time to introduce them to a world of active fun with Shopbefikar's incredible collection of sports and outdoor educational toys for kids in India.

We understand the importance of an active lifestyle and learning through play for children, and our toys are designed to inspire just that! Let's dive into the exciting world of outdoor play and educational toys for learning in schools.

Sports and Outdoor Toys for Kids That Promote an Active Lifestyle and Learning

Basketball Sets: Shoot Some Hoops!

If your child dreams of being the next basketball superstar, our basketball sets are the perfect place to start. These sets are adjustable, ensuring that kids of different heights can enjoy some slam-dunk action. Playing basketball not only improves hand-eye coordination but also teaches teamwork and discipline.

Cricket Sets: Hit It for a Six!

Cricket is more than just a sport in India; it's a passion. Our cricket sets include everything your child needs to start playing this beloved game. From bats to balls and stumps, it's a comprehensive package that guarantees hours of competitive fun while improving motor skills.

Footballs: Score Big on Fun and Learning

Football is a global favorite, and for a good reason. It's a sport that promotes agility, balance, and endurance. Our range of footballs is designed for different age groups, so whether your little one is just starting or already a pro, they'll find the perfect ball to hone their skills and enjoy outdoor play and learning.

Frisbees: Soar to New Heights in Learning

Frisbees are not only great for physical activity but also foster social interaction. Kids can play catch with friends, parents, or even pets! It's a simple yet engaging toy that encourages outdoor play, coordination, and learning through play.

Skipping Ropes: Jump into Fitness and Learning

Skipping ropes are a fantastic way to improve cardiovascular health while having a blast. Our ropes come in various lengths to suit different heights, ensuring a comfortable and effective workout. Plus, it's a skill they can carry into adulthood, promoting lifelong learning.

Your Destination for Active Play and Educational Toys: Shopbefikar

Now that we understand the importance of active play and educational toys, let's explore how Shopbefikar can be your go-to destination for sports, outdoor play toys, and puzzles and board games in India.

A Diverse Range of Sports and Educational Toys

At Shop Befikar, we offer a wide selection of sports toys and educational toys that cater to various interests and age groups. From basketball sets that can turn your driveway into a mini basketball court to cricket sets that let your child master their batting and bowling skills, we have it all. Our educational toys online section is perfect for enhancing learning through play.

Safe and High-Quality Materials

We understand that safety is a top concern for parents. That's why all our sports, outdoor play, and educational toys are made from high-quality materials that meet safety standards. You can trust that your child is playing with toys that prioritize their well-being and provide a safe environment for learning.

Fun with Outdoor Toys for kids Online for All Ages 

Our collection is designed to engage kids of all ages and learning stages. Whether you have a toddler taking their first steps or a teenager looking for an exciting outdoor challenge, we have toys that cater to every age group and encourage learning through play.

Encouraging Outdoor Adventures and Learning Experiences

From frisbees that encourage catching and throwing to skipping ropes that promote agility, coordination, and learning through physical activity, our toys are specifically chosen to foster outdoor adventures and valuable learning experiences. Say goodbye to sedentary indoor play and hello to endless outdoor fun and educational growth.

Your Go-To Destination for Active Fun and Learning

When it comes to providing a wide range of sports, outdoor play, Montessori wooden toys and educational toys for kids in India, Shopbefikar is your trusted partner. Our commitment to quality, safety, and learning through play ensures that your children have a fantastic time while staying active and engaged in educational exploration.

Whether you're looking for a special birthday gift or simply want to encourage outdoor play and learning, we've got you covered. Explore our collection today, and watch your kids thrive in an active lifestyle filled with educational toys and outdoor play fun!

Shopbefikar provides an extensive collection of sports and outdoor toys for kids in India, designed to encourage physical activity and outdoor play. Our collection includes various toys such as basketball sets, cricket sets, footballs, frisbees, skipping ropes, and more.

All of our toys are made from high-quality materials and designed to be safe and fun for children to play with. We believe in promoting an active lifestyle for kids, and our toys are a great way to get them moving and having fun outdoors. Whether you're looking for a gift for a birthday or just want to keep your kids entertained, Shopbefikar has everything you need.

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