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Super Soft Smiley Caterpillar Plush Toy

250.00 (Including taxes)

Super Soft Cute Rabbit Soft Toy

250.00 (Including taxes)

Super Soft Stuffed Monkey Plush Toy (38cm)

550.00 (Including taxes)

Cute Unicorn Plush Toy

249.00 (Including taxes)

Moonlight Smiley Baby Microfibre Plush Toy

299.00 (Including taxes)

Reversible Octopus Plush Toy (color may vary)

129.00 (Including taxes)

Mermaid Doll Princess Stuffed Plush Toy (30cm)

299.00 (Including taxes)

Tiger Soft Plush Cushion Baby Sofa

990.00 (Including taxes)

Elephant Soft Plush Cushion Baby Sofa

990.00 (Including taxes)

Unicorn Soft Plush Cushion Baby Sofa

990.00 (Including taxes)

Mickey Mouse Soft Plush Cushion Baby Sofa

990.00 (Including taxes)

Pop It Fidget Dice Jumbo Size

300.00 (Including taxes)

Teddy Bear Shape Inflatable Chair for Kids

489.00 (Including taxes)

Buy Soft Toys for Kids Online: Your Soft Toy Wonderland

We take pride in being the go-to destination for Soft Toys for Kids in India. Our extensive collection is meticulously curated to cater to children of all ages, making us the largest premium soft toys online store in the country. Whether you're looking to buy soft toys for your little toddlers or adventurous kiddos, our collection has something special for everyone.

When it comes to bringing smiles to children's faces, nothing does it better than soft toys. We understand the magic of cuddly companions and their role in a child's life. That's why we offer an extensive range of soft toys like Mickey Mouse Soft Plush Cushion Baby Sofa, from the classic teddy bears to adorable plush animals and charming dolls. Each of our soft toys is crafted with care and designed to provide a safe and cuddly playtime experience.

Kid's Soft Toy Selection: Endless Choices

Our Soft toys for kids Collection is a treasure trove of endless choices. Teddy bears, with their timeless appeal, are perfect for snuggling up with at bedtime. Plush animals spark imaginative play and adventures, while charming dolls become confidantes for children. Whether you're searching for a comforting bedtime companion or a playtime friend, our collection has it all.

 Quality Beyond Compare

With us quality is not just a promise; it's our commitment. When you shop for Soft Toys Online with us, you can be assured of the highest standards. We believe that soft toys should not only be fun but also safe and durable. That's why our soft toys are made from premium materials and undergo rigorous safety testing. Your child's well-being is our top priority.

Buy Soft Toys for Kids Online in India: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Shopping for Soft toys for kids online in India has never been this convenient. With just a few clicks, you can explore our wide selection of soft toys from the comfort of your home. Whether you're looking for that perfect soft toy as a birthday present or simply adding to your child's collection, Shopbefikar is your one-stop destination for all your soft toy needs.

Stuffed Toys for Kids Online in India: From Toddlers to Kiddos

Children grow, and their interests evolve. That's why our Soft Toys cater to every age group, from Soft Toys for Toddlers designed for sensory exploration to stuffed toys for kids online in India that foster imaginative play. Our carefully curated collection such as Teddy Bear Shape Inflatable Chair for Kids ensures that there's a perfect soft toy companion for every stage of childhood.

Educational Soft Toys: Fun Learning Through Play

At Shopbefikar, we believe in the power of play as a tool for learning. Our Educational Soft Toys, like the Pop It Fidget Dice Jumbo Size, not only provide endless fun but also educate your child about wildlife and the environment in a playful way. From orangutans to pandas and lions, these toys are both companions and teachers.

Safe and Snuggly: Soft Toys for Babies

For the tiniest members of your family, we offer Soft Toys for Babies. Safety is paramount, which is why our baby soft toys feature embroidered eyes, eliminating the risk of small plastic parts coming loose. These toys are designed to provide the gentlest snuggles for your precious little ones.

Keeping Soft Toys Clean and Safe

Maintaining the cleanliness of soft toys is essential for your child's health and hygiene. Unwashed stuffed toys can become breeding grounds for microorganisms that may trigger allergies and health problems. Washing soft toys regularly is advisable. Always follow the manufacturer's washing instructions for the best results.

Smart Storage Solutions

As your child's soft toy collection grows, smart storage solutions become a necessity. Woven baskets, canvas baskets, and cloth baskets offer an attractive and convenient way to keep soft toys organised and easily accessible for playtime.

Conclusion: Join the Soft Toy Journey

In conclusion, Shopbefikar invites you to join the Soft Toy Journey. Our commitment to quality, safety, and fun ensures that your child will be not just entertained but also educated through play. Whether it's a teddy bear's embrace,

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