Do you remember playing with your sister with Barbie Dolls at home? The flowy gowns and bright jewelry always fascinated us as kids.

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Ekta Nail Art Studio – Safe & Fun for Kids

340.00 (Including taxes)

Ekta Tatto n Nail Fashion Kit

390.00 (Including taxes)

Frozen Party Home Dollhouse (50 pcs) | Ages 3+

1,249.00 (Including taxes)

Pink Baby Doll & Stroller Set with 2 Dolls (Foldable)

1,125.00 (Including taxes)

Foldable Baby Doll Stroller for Toddlers’ Imaginative Play

1,090.00 (Including taxes)

Electric Moving Butterfly Wings

2,349.00 (Including taxes)

Beauty Set Trolley for Girls For Pretend Makeup – BIS-Approved

999.00 (Including taxes)

Peppa Pig Beauty Pretend Play Set

990.00 (Including taxes)

Latex Creative Loom Bands Kit with 4200 Looms

489.00 (Including taxes)

Gorgeous Doll (11.5inch)

290.00 (Including taxes)

Cute Doll With Lovely Dress (15cm)

199.00 (Including taxes)

Elegant Fashion Doll with Foldable Hands and Legs (30cm)

590.00 (Including taxes)

Toyzone Dollhouse (50 pcs) – Ages 3+

1,125.00 (Including taxes)

mamma mia doll house play set (34pcs)

699.00 (Including taxes)

Fashion Makeup Set Toy for Girls in Heel Sandal Shape

290.00 (Including taxes)

Fashion Makeup Set Toy for Girls in Ice Cream Cup Shap

849.00 (Including taxes)

Fashion Princess Dancing Doll With Music And 5D Lighting

590.00 (Including taxes)

My Country Doll House With Furniture (24 Pcs)

529.00 (Including taxes)

Dream Palace Dollhouse (40 pcs) – Ages 3+

1,049.00 (Including taxes)

Unicorn Mini Pop It Hand Purse Bag Fidget Toys for Kids

320.00 (Including taxes)

Shopbefikar's Vast Collection of Dolls and Dollhouses Will Delight Your Little Ones

When it comes to nurturing a child's creativity and sparking their imagination, few things compare to dolls and dollhouses. At Shopbefikar, we take pride in presenting our extensive collection of dolls and dollhouses, carefully curated to bring joy and wonder into the lives of your little ones.

Dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds as we explore the diverse offerings in Doll House Dolls for Kids Online.

Explore World Class Collections of Dolls Online at Shopbefikar

Shopping for dolls has never been easier. At Shopbefikar, we've curated an extensive range of dolls from various brands you can avail online and ensure there's something for every little one's taste. Whether it's a charming Barbie, a classic rag doll, dancing doll with music and lighting or a trendy collectible, our online store has it all.

Toy Dolls Set: The Perfect Playtime Companions

Children love playtime, and our dolls are the perfect companions for imaginative adventures. Our toy doll sets are carefully designed to encourage creativity, empathy, and hours of joy. Discover why Shopbefikar's doll sets are a must-have for every child.

Buy Dolls for Girls Online and Unwrap the Magic of Doll Play

Girls and dolls share a timeless bond, and we understand the importance of nurturing this relationship. It is the online platform where you can buy dolls for girls of different sizes, shapes, and colors, each with realistic features and accessories that make them even more lifelike.

Soft Doll for Baby Girl: Cuddly Comfort for the Littlest Ones

For the youngest members of your family, we offer soft dolls and soft toys online  that are not only adorable but also safe for babies to cuddle and explore. We prioritizes safety, ensuring that even the tiniest tots can enjoy the magic of dolls.

Dolls That Have Smaller Dolls Inside: A World of Surprises

Our collection includes a delightful range of nesting dolls, each concealing smaller dolls within. These Russian matryoshka dolls are a perfect blend of craftsmanship and playfulness, making them a unique addition to any child's toy collection.

Dolls and Dollhouses: A Complete Universe of Imagination

But our offerings don't stop at dolls alone. We also provides a range of dollhouses complete with multiple rooms, furniture, and accessories. These dollhouses are more than just toys; they are portals to imaginative play, role play toys and storytelling.

The Doll Wonderland: A Plethora of Choices

At Shopbefikar, we understand that every child has unique preferences. That's why we offer an incredible variety of dolls, ensuring there's something for everyone. From Barbie to baby dolls, action figures to plush companions, our collection spans a wide spectrum.

1.1 Barbie Bonanza

Discover the enchanting world of Barbie with our stunning array of Barbie dolls. From fashionistas to career-themed Barbies, your child can embark on countless adventures with these iconic figures.

1.2 Cuddly Companions

For the younger ones, we have an adorable selection of baby dolls. Soft, huggable, and oh-so-cute, these dolls make the perfect companions for naptime cuddles.

1.3 Action Heroes

Is your child a fan of action-packed adventures? Explore our assortment of action figures toys, featuring heroes from their favorite movies and TV shows.

Conclusion: Choose Shopbefikar for Unforgettable Gifts

In conclusion, Shopbefikar stands as your go-to destination for all things dolls and dollhouses. Our commitment to quality, safety, and variety ensures that your little ones will be delighted with every purchase. So, gift your sister, niece, or daughter the magic of dolls, musical toys, soft toys and many other from Shopbefikar, and watch their faces light up with joy.

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