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The Dad’s Role: A Prenatal and Postpartum Guide

The journey of pregnancy and childbirth is one of the most beautiful experiences filled with excitement for the expectant mother and for the dad as well. Likewise, at times, it can be an exhausting experience, both physically as well as emotionally. As a Dad of a newborn, even you can also get involved by assisting your partner in a number of ways.
Pregnancy along with childbirth can be a lot to handle especially for first-timers. There was a time when fathers used to stay away from such practices and rely on their parents or elder ones in the house to assist in such situations. But things are changing nowadays, mostly in nuclear families and as well joint families such changes can be seen, as being responsible Dads they are willingly providing required support & assistance. Remember as a Dad, giving your active participation & moral support will definitely enhance the bonding with your partner, as well as with your baby.
Let’s take a closer look at being a Dad, how you can make a difference:
Inspire your Partner
Since you’re a team now, try to understand that in the coming months, your relationship could face a lot of challenges & responsibilities. She may not know how to plan daily activities and she may feel stressed out at times, so you can spend time with her and guide her, since very few people indulge in these things, as you could be one of them. The habit of spending time together & talking things out will definitely enhance the bonding along with making the relationship stronger. You can even take her on a brisk walk around the neighborhood especially in the early mornings or evenings for some daily quota of fresh air, which will make her feel fresh & relaxed.
During Pregnancy
Now’s the time to go the extra mile, right from choosing a well-equipped nearby hospital, to accompany your partner to the doctor’s appointments. Daily pregnancy-based protein powder, medication, medical records need monitoring which can be taken care of from your side. Pregnancy-related daily food planning can be done along with proper implementation from your side. There are a few pregnancy-based exercises & yoga asana that you can assist in but remember these need to be done only after proper doctor consultation. There are a few Stretch Mark Creams that you can be considered for your partner, which shows best results when used from day one, and these can be easily find in offline and online markets. 
After Baby’s Birth
Understand that emotions may run high at this stage, so support your partner as much as you can. Pamper her by letting her know that she’s doing an excellent job as a mother of the child. You can rock on the baby to sleep so that your partner can take some rest after nursing. Listing out for every day Baby Care essentials can be done from your side, to make your daily Baby Care routine easy. Nowadays, Baby Care & Mother Care essentials are easily available online, you can order one of these as per your need & requirement.
Daily Baby Care Routine
This is the best time, where you can observe and learn from your partner about daily baby care routines like dressing up the baby, bathing, feeding, making the baby sleep, and more. Sourcing out for Baby Care support of known friends & family members is always a good idea, to gain some on-ground experience. Lactation supportive daily diet is the need of the hour, so you can chart out a daily diet with one of these included for added benefits. Breast pumps & Electric Baby Bottle Sterilizers can come in handy to make your daily baby nursing routine easy.
When your Babygrows
It is an open fact that there is no standard way of raising a baby child, as it is something that you get to learn doing it practically on a daily basis. This is the ripe time, when the baby has grown older and can be easily handled, so with all experience gained you can easily perform simple daily baby care routines like dressing up the baby, bathing, feeding, making the baby sleep, taking the baby out for a stroll or car ride and more. It is a well-known fact that mothers do easily bond with the newborns, but when a Dad gets involved, such a positive move helps in developing a close bonding with the mother and with the newborn. Even studies have found a strong correlation between father-baby bonding, and the happiness of the family. Furthermore, you could also invest in the baby stroller, baby cradle, baby car seat, feeding chair, baby crawl mats, bathtubs, corner safety tapes to name a few, which will eventually simplify your daily Baby Care routine.
All we want to say is that Dads nowadays are taking a step forward, to connect with their newborns regardless of the baby’s gender. As a present-day father, you can set a clear example for the next generations to follow, by taking the lead of getting involved in daily baby care activities. Remember, it takes equal effort from both team members to raise a baby and the best way for a father is to share the load by getting involved in daily Baby Care activities in the mesmerizing journey of pregnancy & thereafter.

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